a port of the Processing Visualization Language
Class PImage


example pic
// @pjs preload must be used to preload the image
/* @pjs preload="tower.jpg"; */
PImage img = loadImage("test.jpg");
PImage maskImg = loadImage("mask.jpg");
image(img, 0, 0);
image(img, 25, 0);

Masks part of an image from displaying by loading another image and using it as an alpha channel. This mask image should only contain grayscale data, but only the blue color channel is used. The mask image needs to be the same size as the image to which it is applied.

In addition to using a mask image, an integer array containing the alpha channel data can be specified directly. This method is useful for creating dynamically generated alpha masks. This array must be of the same length as the target image's pixels array and should contain only grayscale data of values between 0-255.


img PImage: any variable of type PImage
maskImg PImage: any PImage object used as the alpha channel for "img", needs to be same size as "img"
maskArray int[]: any array of Integer numbers used as the alpha channel, needs to be same length as the image's pixel array
Returns None
Usage Web & Application

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