a port of the Processing Visualization Language


by Ira Greenberg. Using 2-dimensional arrays, record end points and replot scribbles between points.

Original Processing.org Example: ScribblePlotter

// All Examples Written by Casey Reas and Ben Fry

// unless otherwise stated.

// some scribble style constants that control 

// how the scribble plotting works

int SCRIBBLE = 0;

int HATCHING = 1;

void setup(){

  size(200, 200);


  // create arrays to hold x, y coords

  float[]x = new float[4];

  float[]y  = new float[4];

  // create a convenient 2-dimensional 

  // array to hold x, y arrays

  float[][]xy = {x, y};

  // record points

  // x positions     

  xy[0][0] = 25;

  xy[0][1] = 175;

  xy[0][2] = 175;

  xy[0][3] = 25;

  // y positions

  xy[1][0] = 25;

  xy[1][1] = 25;

  xy[1][2] = 175;

  xy[1][3] = 175;

  // call plotting function



void makeRect(float[][]pts){




  // scribble variables, that get passed as arguments to the scribble function

  int steps = 100;

  float scribVal = 3.0;

  for (int i=0; i< pts[0].length; i++){

    //plots vertices


    point(pts[0][i], pts[1][i]);

    // call scribble function


    if (i>0){ 

      scribble(pts[0][i], pts[1][i], pts[0][i-1], pts[1][i-1], steps, scribVal, SCRIBBLE);


    if (i== pts[0].length-1){

    // show some hatching between last 2 points

      scribble(pts[0][i], pts[1][i], pts[0][0], pts[1][0], steps, scribVal*2, HATCHING);





scribble function plots lines between end points, 

determined by steps and scribVal arguments.

2 styles are available: SCRIBBLE and HATCHING, which

are interestingly only dependent on parentheses

placement in the line() function calls.


void scribble(float x1, float y1, float x2, float y2, int steps, float scribVal, int style){

  float xStep = (x2-x1)/steps;

  float yStep = (y2-y1)/steps;

  for (int i = 0; i<steps; i++){

    if(style == SCRIBBLE){

      if (i<steps-1){

        line(x1, y1, x1+=xStep+random(-scribVal, scribVal), y1+=yStep+random(-scribVal, scribVal));


      else {

        // extra line needed to attach line back to point- not necessary in HATCHING style

        line(x1, y1, x2, y2);



    else if (style == HATCHING){

       line(x1, y1, (x1+=xStep)+random(-scribVal, scribVal), (y1+=yStep)+random(-scribVal, scribVal));



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