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Integers and floats are two different kinds of numerical data. An integer (more commonly called an int) is a number without a decimal point. A float is a floating-point number, which means it is a number that has a decimal place. Floats are used when more precision is needed.

Original Processing.org Example: IntegersFloats

// All Examples Written by Casey Reas and Ben Fry

// unless otherwise stated.

int a = 0;      // Create a variable "a" of the datatype "int"

float b = 0.0;  // Create a variable "b" of the datatype "float"

void setup()


  size(200, 200);




void draw()




  a = a + 1;

  b = b + 0.2; 

  line(a, 0, a, height/2);

  line(b, height/2, b, height);


  if(a > width) {

    a = 0;


  if(b > width) {

    b = 0;


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