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Conditions are like questions. They allow a program to decide to take one action if the answer to a question is true or to do another action if the answer to the question is false. The questions asked within a program are always logical or relational statements. For example, if the variable 'i' is equal to zero then draw a line.

Original Processing.org Example: Conditionals1

// All Examples Written by Casey Reas and Ben Fry

// unless otherwise stated.

size(200, 200);


for(int i=10; i<width; i+=10) {

  // If 'i' divides by 20 with no remainder draw the first line

  // else draw the second line

  if(i%20 == 0) {


    line(i, 40, i, height/2);

  } else {


    line(i, 20, i, 180); 


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