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Processing.js v1.4.7 released

25 Mar 2014

Since our last release, 1.4.1, Processing.js has been given a bit of a source code overhaul, culminating in a new release: 1.4.7! This release adds in new functionality that you might already know from Processing 2.0, but was missing in Processing.js such as new methods in PVector and XML. The release model has also been changed: we're going to be releasing a new version every time a merge in a patch that either fixes something, or adds a feature that is still missing. This makes things way easier for us to manage, and ensures that you don't have to wait months while updates slowly gather dust waiting for a major release. You can download the new version of Processing.js over on the download section, and let us know what's still missing!

As we're reshuffling the source code, some things are currently not available: the API-only version of Processing.js was so insignificantly smaller than the regular version that it will no longer be generated. The difference was about 10kb on 200kb, and the added complexity of compiling an API-only version was simply not something that could be taken on. If you want to help bring that back, we'd love to talk to you! We're also not packaging the examples anymore, as a lot of them are actually incredibly out of date and do not reflect proper Processing.js or even Processing approaches. Again, if you want to help create a set of useful example again with us, get in touch!

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