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Processing.js Workshops

25 Oct 2011

It's conference season, and the Processing.js team has been invited to speak at various events around the world in the next month.  If you're interested in learning Processing.js, or want to connect with others who use it, these events are great places to meet the Processing/Processing.js communities.  Two of Processing.js' lead developers, David Humphrey and Jon Buckley, will be running these sessions and giving talks.

On Thursday October 27, 2011 from 9:00am - 12:00pm we'll be at the Free Software and Open Source Symposium (FSOSS) at Seneca College in Toronto (the home of Processing.js!). This workshop will give an introduction to Processing and Processing.js, and show how to integrate web technologies (e.g., JavaScript libraries) and data services (e.g., Twitter) with Processing.js sketches.

From November 4-6 we'll be in London, UK for the Mozilla Media Festival.  We'll be giving a workshop on Processing.js, and showing how to use HTML5 media technologies, JavaScript libraries, and mobile device APIs.  Workshop time TBD.

From November 11-13 we'll be in Chicago for the Mobile Processing conference. We'll be giving a workshop on using Processing.js with the web and mobile web, how to make Processing sketches work on Andorid, iOS, and other mobile platforms, and generally how to leverage web technologies and data sources in Processing.js. We will also give a talk on Processing.js generally, and how it can be used with the (mobile) web.

We also see that there is a series of Processing.js workshops going on at GAFFTA on Tuesdays & Thursdays, October 25th & 27th, November 1st & 3rd.  If you're in San Francisco, be sure to check these out.

Looking forward to meeting you at one of these events.

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