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Processing.js v1.3.5 released

06 Oct 2011

The Processing.js team is pleased to announce the release of Processing.js 1.3.5. This is a maintenance release, containing many compatibility fixes for the soon to be released Processing v 2.0, as well as fixes for issues reported by our users in 1.3.0. We've also included a number of updates for 3D, not the least of which is that 3D now renders crisp, and addressed several performance issues. As always, we encourage you to file bugs when you spot something we missed, and thank those of you who filed bugs that we fixed in this release. Our community continues to grow, and the feedback, demos, and test cases are always welcome.

You can download the full Processing.js 1.3.5 library (production (recommended), debug version), get the API-only version (no Processing parser, for JavaScript developers), or grab a zip file containing everything, including many working examples.

While you're downloading Processing.js 1.3.5, here are some demos we really liked:


  • Added check for canvas in Processing ctor [#1646]
  • Added document.head compatibility for Firefox 3.6 [#1660]
  • Added reference to p instance in onLoad() [#1643]
  • Added text(string, x, y, z) ref tests [#1642]
  • Disabled WebGL anti-aliasing [#1701]
  • Fixed PImage.mask() when passed a PImage created from a PGraphics [#1623]
  • Fixed PImage.toImageData not using cache [#1647]
  • Fixed colorMode not working in 3D [#1670]
  • Fixed copy() without a source argument [#1631]
  • Fixed frustum() not throwing an error in 2D mode [#1693]
  • Fixed get() not returning a copy of a PImage [#1622]
  • Fixed get(x,y) when called on 3D PGraphics [#1630]
  • Fixed getUniformLocation checking for null [#1650]
  • Fixed lights not being applied to textures [#1503]
  • Fixed modelX/Y/Z() failing if camera() was not called first [#1103]
  • Fixed noFill()/noStroke() not working if called before size() [#1417]
  • Fixed pixels not allowed as a variable name in classes [#1674]
  • Fixed pmouseX/Y values during draw() [#1635]
  • Fixed rectMode() not working in 3D [#1656]
  • Fixed textWidth() returning a string instead of a number [#1624]
  • Fixed texture UV coordinates not normalized and clamped with NPOT textures [#1669]
  • Fixed texture() modifying a NPOT PImage passed to it [#1664]
  • Fixed tint() ignoring alpha parameter [#1625]
  • Fixed tint() not marking a PImage as dirty [#1707]
  • Fixed using p as a class member identifier [#1618]
  • Fixed vertical align in textAlign() [#1628]
  • Optimized use of curRectMode and curEllipseMode [#1676]
  • Removed p.Import [#1632]
  • Removed unused inDraw variable [#1641]
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