a port of the Processing Visualization Language

Processing.js v1.2.1 Released

02 Jun 2011

Hot on the heels of 1.2.0 we're releasing a maintenance release 1.2.1 to address a regression identified by Florian Jenett, relating to the use of background() with 3 arguments. An associated issue broke the @pjs "transparent" directive, and we fixed both issues in this maintenance release. We also took the opportunity to update the gzipped version of processing.js in the release archive, which was accidentally posted as a 0-byte file. This release is brought to you thanks to Florian's quick post on our bug tracker, so: if you find issues with Processing.js, don't hesitate to file a bug with us at https://processing-js.lighthouseapp.com - we hate them just as much as you do.


  • Fixed background() when called with 3 arguments
  • Fixed use @pjs transparent directive
  • Updates to build system for testing, release
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