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Processing.js v1.1 Released

01 Mar 2011

Release 1.1 is now available for download and contains a whole host of new features!

Our mission this release was to focus on tightening up on as many bugs as possible but also to add a large set of new features to the library. Some of the highlights of the new features for this release are:

  • Support for touch events on iOS devices
  • mouseOver and mouseOut events were added to allow events to take place when the user enters and leaves a canvas
  • A custom pjs packager has been created that can take a sketch and package it together with the library, strip out unneeded code, minify it, and create a final .js file that is much smaller in size and lightweight
  • An option was added to the makefile that allows you to create an API only version of processing.js
  • Numerous website updates were done to the reference pages and documentation

More than 60 other bugs were fixed this release including 3D fixes and a ton of fixes to our testing platforms making our bug detection process much more efficient.

Our exhibition page has also been updated with some of the newest Processing.js works on the web. If you have some work, and would like us to showcase it all you have to do is get in touch with us. You can do so via IRC, twitter (@annasob, or @dhhodgin), or the processingjs google group. We accept all exhibit requests as long as they are your own work.

Download the new release and experience a faster, more powerful Processing experience today!


  • Added mouseover, mouseout events
  • Added parseBoolean()
  • Added make file option to create an API only version of processing.js
  • Added webkit touch events natively in pjs
  • Added custom pjs packager for pre-parsed code
  • Added Java for each loop is now supported
  • Fixed PJS defaults not matching P5 where reasonable
  • Fixed 3D demos broken on systems running OSX 10.6 using nVidia cards
  • Fixed key event filtering per sketch (multi-sketch page setup)
  • Fixed xmlElementRemoveAttribute test failing
  • Fixed XMLElement.parseChildrenRecursive
  • Fixed XMLElement constructor returning this
  • Fixed OO bug with classes
  • Fixed Processing instances not always being added to Processing.instances
  • Fixed P3D not respecting noFill()
  • Fixed ref test runner broken on IE9
  • Fixed ajax() should be asynchronous
  • Fixed XMLElement.getChildren(path) not returning all the children
  • Fixed inheriting from ArrayList failing
  • Fixed toImageData() scope issue
  • Fixed ArrayList contains() not checking equality (1.0)
  • Fixed shaders being broken with new restrictions on non-constant loops
  • Fixed Ref test creation problem with WebGL
  • Fixed parsing problem with the ternary operator and the pixel array
  • Fixed box vertices and comments not being congruent
  • Fixed loop() going relatively mad after a noLoop() and more than 0 second wait
  • Fixed Minefield from reporting syntax error on first line
  • Fixed text() function width and height restrictions being unreliable
  • Fixed unexpected result when converting char() to str()
  • Fixed jsshell tests to use snarf() instead of munging strings
  • Fixed pollution of object prototypes
  • Fixed static methods not working
  • Updated the way document focus is checked at the start of every frame redraw (1.0)
  • Updated fake-dom.js to support xhr.overrideMimeType
  • Updated PShape to use prototypes
  • Updated numerous website reference pages
  • Removed pimagefilter.pde, and filter.pde files from unit tests
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