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Processing.js v0.9.7 Released

16 Aug 2010

Download Processing.js 0.9.7

We are very pleased to announce the release of Processing.js 0.9.7!

The new 0.9.7 release is now available for download on the GitHub repository. Release features include 3D implementation of PImage, updated SVG support, improved PGraphics, and added functionality such as textDescent. For IE9 users we are proud to finally offer you a processing-js version that will run in your browser (IE 9 preview 4). Also, for those of you that like native JavaScript we have added the ability to run processing-js sketches using straight JavaScript. Look at examples/js for a demonstration.

Get involved!

If you would like to get involved with Processing.js development, or have general usage questions about Processing.js, we would love meet you on IRC: irc://irc.mozilla.org/processing.js You can also get involved by helping with the testing or documentation phase. We are desperately seeking help with documentation.


  • Added saveStrings()
  • Added textMode()
  • Added 3D implementation to image()
  • Added 3D implementation to PImage
  • Added loadStrings()
  • Added textAscent()
  • Added textDescent()
  • Added createFont / loadFont and PDE "development environment"
  • Added parser test coverage to 55%
  • Added PConstants parser optimization
  • Added PVector constructor optimization
  • Added PShapeSVG::parseMatrix
  • Added IE9 support
  • Fixed SVG single path cutout not rendering correctly
  • Fixed SVG color strings object
  • Fixed SVG parsePoly Chrome bug
  • Fixed SVG parsePath
  • Fixed PImage.mask doesnt work given an object generated by PGraphics.get
  • Fixed PImage functions to check this.isRemote
  • Fixed 3D Lights
  • Fixed make-check errors does not print array braces
  • Fixed Chrome 3D rect error
  • Fixed vertex 2D inline shape stroke and fill color
  • Fixed background in draw doesn't redraw 3d
  • Fixed Canvas not being painted when inside div
  • Fixed readPixels call for "ref test"
  • Fixed web color parsing behavior
  • Fixed XMLElement type doesn't support one parameter string ctor
  • Fixed tickle example is crashing using opera 10.53 on windows 7
  • Fixed shaders so they pass shader validation
  • Fixed frameRate() not changable outside of setup()
  • Fixed Paser fails silently when keywords aren't in global member array
  • Fixed Parser test speed on new parser's generated constructors
  • Fixed Parser bug: in-class default scope is not "this" but the DOM window
  • Change name of opaque pjs directive to "transparent" transparency "transparent background"
  • Removed newWebGLArray wrapper
  • Removed unsupported symbols
  • Created JS only example documentation example
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