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Processing.js v0.9.6 Released

26 Jul 2010

Download Processing.js 0.9.6

We are very pleased to announce the release of Processing.js 0.9.6!

The new 0.9.6 release is now available for download on the GitHub repository. This release encompasses an early implementation of loading and displaying SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) shapes. It also includes additional 3D features such as hint() and background transparency. For the optimization enthusiasts, we optimized our code by removing recursion and removing temporary variables where possible.

Get involved!

If you would like to get involved with Processing.js development, or have general usage questions about Processing.js, we would love meet you on IRC: irc://irc.mozilla.org/processing.js You can also get involved by helping with the testing or documentation phase. We are desperately seeking help with documentation.


  • Added PConstants Object
  • Added PShape
  • Added hint() - 3D
  • Added ArrayList add(int index, Object value)
  • Added ArrayList set(index, value)
  • Added shape()
  • Added shapeMode()
  • Added loadShape()
  • Added createGraphics() 3D support
  • Added transparent backgrounds 3D support
  • Added transparency directive to fix Moving On Curves example
  • Added "IMAGE" to the global members array
  • Added createFont()
  • Added size() default width and height
  • Added textAlign()
  • Added pause-on-blur/focus for draw() and @pjs directive to reduce cpu usage
  • Added textWidth() 3D
  • Fixed tinylogLite so it doesn't slows down frame rate
  • Fixed ajax() to check whether the data request was successful
  • Fixed point does not render after text()
  • Fixed ref tests broken on file:/// uri
  • Fixed 2D ref tests
  • Fixed p.splice
  • Fixed exit() to remove the instance from the "Processing.instances"
  • Fixed loading remote images security errors
  • Fixed extra argument bug for a parseFloat line
  • Fixed use of .moz  attributes
  • Fixed p.arrayCopy()
  • Fixed smooth and noSmooth
  • Fixed strokeWeight for 2d point
  • Fixed keyCode is not defined parser error
  • Fixed parser errors when semicolon is missed
  • Fixed parser bug on cast with space: (type) (something)
  • Remove all occurances of typeof obj === 'undefined'
  • Optimized performance by removing recursive calls when possible
  • Optimized p.expand()
  • Optimized p.parse(), introduce p.compile()
  • Updated ref test runner for 3D tests
  • Removed unnecessary whitespace from processing.js
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