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Processing.js v0.9.4 Released

16 Jun 2010

Download Processing.js 0.9.4

We are very pleased to announce the release of Processing.js 0.9.4!

The new 0.9.4 release is now available for download on the GitHub repository. This release features a brand new lightweight parser that improves flexibility. But thats not all. We have added a lot of 3D features and are NOW supporting textures.  Check out the newly added crisp @pjs directive for crisp lines and points.  Of course performance is always on the top of our list, we are proud to say that processing.js is now faster than ever!

Get involved!

If you would like to get involved with Processing.js development, or have general usage questions about Processing.js, we would love meet you on IRC: irc://irc.mozilla.org/processing.js You can also get involved by helping with the testing or documentation phase.

We are desperately seeking help with documentation.


  • Added ellipse() 3D
  • Added curvevertex() 3D
  • Added curve() 3D
  • Added rect() 3D
  • Added bezier() 3D
  • Added bezierVertex() 3D
  • Added text() 3D
  • Added curveDetail()
  • Added bezierDetail()
  • Added strokeWeight() and point()
  • Added filter()
  • Added PImage: filter prototype "pimage filter"
  • Added PImage: save prototype "pimage save"
  • Added PImage 0 argument constructor
  • Added filter MODEs for p.filter() and PImage.filter()
  • Added textureMode()
  • Added texture()
  • Added texture support
  • Added ArrayList.toArray
  • Added save()
  • Added XMLElement type
  • Added textWidth()
  • Added status()
  • Added a new lightweight parser
  • Added unit tests for new parser
  • Added a .version property
  • Added unit test for binary()
  • Added support for getting a reference to a Processing object "processing reference"
  • Added key/keyCode argument for keyReleased
  • Added call to draw() in setup if translate is called
  • Added file:/// uri support for running ref tests
  • Added crisp @pjs directive for crisp lines and points
  • Added a test coverage tool that provides simple way to check code coverage during unit/parser testing
  • Fixed pimage.get(x,y,w,h)
  • Fixed p.set() performance to increase speed
  • Fixed text() performance by removing unnecessary type conversions
  • Fixed p.text accepts null input, this causes an error
  • Fixed binary() to support all primitive datatypes including arrays
  • Fixed unbinary() to support all primitive datatypes including arrays
  • Fixed unhex() to support all primitive datatypes including arrays
  • Fixed shaders to take in color attribute for individual vertices
  • Fixed loadFont() to handle font with spaces in name
  • Fixed mouseX/mouseY are not computed with style.border taken into account
  • Fixed "p.mousePressed is not a function" error when clicking on a canvas that did not define it
  • Fixed mousePressed fails when mousePressed() is defined
  • Fixed keyCode is undefined in sketches
  • Fixed p.color - optimizations
  • Fixed parser to handle sketch code pixels = new color[]
  • Fixed parser so that vars which conflict with function names use constant naming convention
  • Fixed parser to allow "Code" in a single line comment
  • Fixed parser inheritance problems with variables
  • Fixed Processing.debug
  • Fixed PImage examples with Frame Rate
  • Fixed all functions that rely on p.vertex
  • Fixed Chrome error for Win that appeared when image() was used chrome
  • Fixed functions to allow Chromium to render 3D sketches
  • Fixed Reference test script
  • Fixed init.js fails to load sketch into targetted canvas
  • Removed dead code: Point
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