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Processing.js v0.9.1 Released

20 May 2010

Download Processing.js 0.9.1

We are very pleased to announce the release of Processing.js 0.9.1!

The new 0.9.1 release is now available for download on the GitHub repository. This release is an architectural refactoring of the library to remove a legacy performance issue. This rewrite will allow modern JavaScript engines to better optimize the libraries code at runtime. For example, taking advantage of tracing in Firefox's SpiderMonkey engine. Of course, this release would not be possible without Scott.

Get involved!

If you would like to get involved with Processing.js development, or have general usage questions about Processing.js, we would love meet you on IRC: irc://irc.mozilla.org/processing.js You can also get involved by helping with the testing or documentation phase. We are desperately seeking help with documentation.


  • Remove with( p ) for performance gain
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