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Processing.js v0.9 Released

11 May 2010

Download Processing.js 0.9

We are very pleased to announce the release of Processing.js 0.9!

The new 0.9 release is now available on the GitHub repository. We are proud to announce new 3D functionality such as quad, triangle, and vertex. Also included in this release is multiple file support and an optimized version on PImage.

Get involved!

If you would like to get involved with Processing.js development, or have general usage questions about Processing.js, we would love meet you on IRC: irc://irc.mozilla.org/processing.js You can also get involved by helping with the testing or documentation phase.


  • Added quad() 3D
  • Added triangle() 3D
  • Added endShape() 3D
  • Added beginShape() 3D
  • Added vertex() 3D
  • Added more 3D ref tests
  • Added imageMode()
  • Added PMatrix2D::mult()
  • Added PMatrix2D::scale()
  • Added PMatrix2D::preApply()
  • Added PMatrix2D::invert(
  • Added PMatrix2D::rotate() and PMatrix2D::rotateZ()
  • Added PMatrix2D::translate()
  • Added PMatrix2D::determinant()
  • Added PMatrix2D::multY()
  • Added PMatrix2D::multX()
  • Added PMatrix2D::transpose()
  • Added P2D constant
  • Added QUARTER_PI constant
  • Added interface keyword support
  • Added screenZ()
  • Added screenX()
  • Added screenY()
  • Added HSB colour in addition to RGB color color.tostring
  • Added randomSeed()
  • Added bezierVertex()
  • Added remaining missing constants from PConstants
  • Added PImage support for cursor()
  • Added pjs directive to include multiple processing files
  • Added hue()
  • Added brightness()
  • Added saturation()
  • Added PImage: prototype for set "pimage set"
  • Added sketch.processing.org code in our tree
  • Added color.toHSB( colorInt )
  • Added mousewheel support for Minefield
  • Added parser static keyword support
  • Added parser Support minified processing code
  • Added data-processing-sources support
  • Fixed parser to handle local parameter names same as public variable names
  • Fixed parsing of whitespace between constructor and ()
  • Fixed parsing of function parameter newlines
  • Fixed parser to handle functions and constructors with the same name
  • Fixed parser to allow Returning array of floats
  • Fixed parser to allow functions before constructors
  • Fixed Parser: Calculate upper values in for loops only once
  • Fixed parser to allow Static variables
  • Fixed parser to allow Inheritance
  • Fixed p.background() called with no arguments[0]
  • Fixed noStroke() for lines
  • Fixed make release on Windows
  • Fixed public ctors for parser
  • Fixed empty draw() call clears background
  • Fixed noise()
  • Fixed random()
  • Fixed "p is undefined" errors in bespin ide
  • Fixed ImageData objects can't be literals, must use createImageData "cross browser"
  • Fixed class functions being repeated in the parsed
  • Fixed code in pimage.toDataURL() to use bit shifting
  • Fixed p.ArrayList to work for more than 3 dimensions
  • Fixed Multi-line comments with size() call break library parser
  • Fix make check-lint env var
  • Fixed Commented size() call for 3D context breaks lib
  • Fixed Events continue to get processed after exit() is called
  • Fixed p.point to not use .slice.split with strokeStyle
  • Fixed Processing.js class functions not use with()
  • Fixed keyTyped()
  • Fixed lerpColor()
  • Ensured p.set(x,y,c) fully tested after color() changes
  • Final Linting for v0.9.0 Release
  • Remove jsbeautify from release target
  • Fixed PImage pixel array to use ImageData object
  • Transform pixel[n] to pixel(n)
  • Remove buildImageObject and getImage
  • Cleaned up curveVertex.htm example
  • Get rid of with(p) in p.init
  • Optimized p.redraw()
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